Terminal features

  • Complete Inland Terminal Management System for inland terminals
  • Manage truck queuing and turnaround with gate and yard capacity
  • Enable your TOS to direct a truck within your facility in real time
  • Improve yard safety with real-time truck movement monitoring



  • Dynamic business intelligence for proactive operational planning
  • Automated communication and connectivity to any truck, train, or barge (user) in or approaching the terminal
  • Move to paperless and personless gate control



A complete solution

Terminal is a solution leveraging the Containerchain SaaS platform with the following products and services:


More than just a traditional Vehicle Booking System (VBS) Containerchain's Notifications product helps to manage arrivals and queuing while offering a revenue-generating truck appointment system that dynamically optimises gate and yard capacity during operations.

Benefits include: pre-arrival trip validation and processing of approaching trucks, efficient servicing and improved turnarounds, reduced queues, better traffic control and capacity planning, as well as the ability to generate a new revenue stream from improved service levels.



eGate is an app for smartphones and tablets, connecting the terminal with truck drivers and other parts of the container logistics supply chain. It automates the processing of truck arrivals in real-time, improving truck turnaround times and reducing the requirement for gate staff.



We’ll help get you up and running quickly with hands-on implementation support and training. Our consultants bring a deep expertise from across the container logistics spectrum and will work with you to unlock more value from your operations.



Containerchain’s SaaS platform means you never have to worry about downloading new software releases, maintaining expensive server equipment, or paying for licenses and upgrades. Our industry-experienced multilingual support team is available around the clock, 365 days a year.


Get started

Terminal’s automated gate operations and truck notifications features easily integrate with your TOS. It is also part of the communication ‘hub’ that connects members of the Containerchain Platform for greater visibility across the landslide supply chain community. Contact us today to find out how.

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