Live features

  • Track and manage containers moving between terminals, warehouses and depots
  • Monitor bookings
  • Compare providers and place jobs with any 'Live-enabled' transport company



  • Standardise communication and reduce manual processing
  • Proactively manage potential problems - like demurrage - before they occur
  • Ensure your goods reach their destination on time



A complete solution

Live is a solution leveraging the Containerchain SaaS platform with the following products and services:

LIVE Access

The LIVE Access web-based tool provides shippers and transporters unparalleled real-time connectivity to landside container logistics activity:

  • Book and manage orders directly with your transporters
  • View real time progress and status of orders
  • Unlock wasted customer support time
  • Save costs via proactive monitoring of key events – e.g. upcoming demurrage
  • True end-to-end track-and-trace capability

LIVE Connect

LIVE Connect’s integration layer delivers real-time connectivity of all the data provided by the LIVE solution into your existing software solutions and ecosystem, via:

  • Industry standard EDI connectivity
  • Real-time API interfaces
  • Scoping and design of custom interfaces as required
  • Seamless transfer of data into your existing systems
  • Streamlined workflow with transporters



We’ll help get you up and running quickly with hands-on implementation support and training. Our consultants bring a deep expertise from across the container logistics spectrum and will work with you to unlock more value from your operations.



Containerchain’s SaaS platform means you never have to worry about downloading new software releases, maintaining expensive server equipment, or paying for licenses and upgrades. Our industry-experienced support team are also on hand to help you make the most of the solution.


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Everyone involved in the movement of cargo, whether it be a shipping line, container terminal, road transporter, warehouse, container depot, or cargo owner can become LIVE-enabled. As the connected community grows, so too do the productivity gains. Contact us to find out how.

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