Hamburg 6 June 2017 - Containerchain, creator of cloud-based software solutions for automating and synchronising operations across the container logistics industry, officially opened its European operations in Hamburg and Rotterdam this month. It has hired Patrick Mertens, formerly Area Manager - Transport, Logistics, and M&R for Hamburg Süd, to head up its commercial activities.

The company - with offices in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong - sees Europe as an important growth market for its rapid advancement across the container logistics sector. Tony Paldano, CEO of Containerchain, points to the growing conversation around the benefits of digitisation as a sign that the industry is ready to find new ways to improve productivity and unlock value.

“There’s been a lot of talk about ‘visibility’ in the industry - the ability to see container movement both up and downstream from your facility or business. But digitisation should offer you much more than that: it should offer you the ability to re-tool your processes to achieve greater efficiency, and to unlock the profit potential that comes from being able to proactively manage because you have better information at your fingertips,” Mr Paldano said. “We’re excited to be able to take this message to one of the largest shipping and transport markets in the world.”

Long-time Containerchain business relationship manager, Theo Gialamatzis, will take up the role as General Manager of Operations for Containerchain’s European subsidiary, relocating to Hamburg from Australia.

Containerchain Europe is initially focusing its efforts on operators in Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands, with an extensive roadshow of visits to port and inland terminals, road transporters, and container depots having already being undertaken across the spring and continuing into the lead up to summer. The company will also sponsor and exhibit at Intermodal Europe in Amsterdam in November, where it will showcase its synchronisation platform and industry-specific automation products like eGate, Notifications, CDMS, and Trip-TMS.

About Containerchain

Containerchain provides cloud-based software solutions to the container logistics industry, dedicated to simplifying operations, improving customer service levels and driving down the cost of moving containers from port-to-door. Trusted by the cargo shipping and landside logistics communities on three continents, Containerchain’s platform consists of a modular suite of products that provide real-time paperless tracking and visibility across the supply chain of more than 20,000 import and export container movements daily.

A technology innovator with the DNA of a logistics company, our goal is to help the industry unlock trapped potential and achieve better commercial results. Visit us at to find out more.

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