Hamburg, May 28 2018: Containerchain, creator of cloud-based software solutions for automating and synchronising operations across the landside container logistics industry has announced the successful go-live of its popular Notifications slot-booking system at Progeco’s Hamburg container depot, as well as integration with the Dakosy port community system.

The go-live of Containerchain’s slot-booking system (Notifications) at the Hamburg depot owned by CMA-CGM follows the successful implementation of its depot management software, CDMS, with Progeco in October last year. The result is a full depot management solution that proactively automates operations and communications with transporters and other members of the port community involved in the landside movement of containers.

Tony Paldano, Founder and CEO of Containerchain says the company’s progress in Hamburg is ahead of schedule and that the landside container logistics community has been warmly receptive.

“Progeco and parent company CMA-CGM have really been open to innovation and new ways of driving more efficiency from their day-to-day operations. Since the implementation of our full Depot solution with them, including the slot-booking capability of our Notifications product, they have been able to reduce turn times for truckers to under 15 minutes and unlock as much as an additional 40% handling capacity in their yard. This is all adding up to significant ongoing operational savings for them and as a result we’re seeing strong interest from other facilities in the Hamburg port community to also connect to our platform,” Mr. Paldano said.

Mark Wilkinson, Head of Progeco Deutschland, said: “To support our customers master their competitive landside logistics, we were required to find a new way to manage our business more productively. Empty depots can no longer just offer level one inspection and repair services, they have to become an integral part of their customers’ logistics environment. By being the first empty depot in Europe to use Containerchain’s platform, we have successfully automated all processes and now offer our customers various options to connect with their logistics partners and customers. The implementation was a major success and we are now looking at expanding its use throughout the rest of our depot network in the near future.”

The Containerchain booking system is now also integrated with the Dakosy TR02 pprotocol, meaning that transporters moving containers from port to depot can make notification requests that automatically synch between their TMS and Containerchain’s system.

“As part of our consultations with the trucker community servicing Hamburg, it became clear that an integration with Dakosy was an important part of driving efficiencies for everyone involved in landside movement of containers. So working hand in hand with Dakosy we fast-tracked our integration work and delivered in just under 11 weeks,” said Mr. Paldano.

In addition to Progeco, Containerchain’s CDMS system has also been implemented at CMR Hamburg, one of the largest privately-owned containers depots in the Port of Hamburg who will follow shortly with introduction of Notifications. Continuing its strategic expansion in the region, the company has recently introduced its LIVE cargo-tracking solution for BCO’s and Freight Forwarders, and its TRIP transport management solution for truckers. For more information on these solutions please visit


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